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Contadina Roma Tomatoes Paste, 12 oz

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  • NO PRESERVATIVES: With no artificial flavors, colors, non-GMO, and non-BPA, this tomato paste is perfect for elevating the level of any meal
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Packed with a robust flavor of the finest Roma tomatoes, the tomato puree is seasoned to perfection and contain a high amount of dietary fiber
  • EASY STORAGE: This canned tomato paste is carefully sealed and packaged to keep its freshness Simple to store in a pantry for easy use when making sauces, soups, and stews
  • RICH TASTE: Add flavor to mouth-watering soups or stews, pizza, or pasta sauces with this thick sweet tomato paste, cooked down using whole tomatoes that are made from the finest ingredients, picked at the peak of freshness