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Ellia Thrive Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, Grey

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  • ULTRASONIC AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER: Ellia Essential Oil Diffusers utilize ultrasonic, high-frequency technology to deliver a fine mist of your favorite aromatherapy scents through a safe, heat-free experience. The soothing humidity helps to alleviate dry air and fresh Ellia scents will enhance your environment. In addition, this diffuser comes with a starter pack of 3 essential oil samples that offer many health benefits. Choose your favorite or get creative and mix them up!
  • MOOD LIGHT: The Thrive diffuser’s color-changing LED light provides a gentle glow, enhancing the atmosphere and promoting ultimate relaxation. Choose your favorite color or cycle through them all! Designed to be subtle yet soothing, the diffuser works great at night as a humidifying nightlight. Use it in any room – including your baby’s nursery! The soothing light is great whether you are working, unwinding, or practicing yoga or meditation
  • GO THE DISTANCE: The Ellia Thrive Diffuser has a 130mL reservoir and runs for up to 6 hours continuously, or up to 12 hours when on the intermittent setting. Moreover, the unit will automatically shut down when the reservoir is empty – so no need to worry about leaving it running!